Wigs on the Green: a physical fight. This phrase was relevant when men usually wore powdered wigs. If a fight started, the first thing that happened was that the wigs of those involved would be knocked off and would roll incongruously about on the grass, to the amusement of bystanders and the embarrassment of participants.

It’s an old expression describing a fight between those one would expect to be gentlemen. I find my myself often writing in this vein, because I’ve see much of golf culture deeply broken.

The essays exist as an editorial page for the work I do building the golfcourse.wiki, a website dedicating to mapping and promoting smaller public and muni courses, and sharing local advice for free. If we build a course guide to every course on the planet, we can wildly increase the accessibility for everyone, and even generate more revenues for the smaller courses that need it.

If you want to share your knowledge, add your course and start editing today.

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Wigs on the Green is a golf architecture and culture blog that focuses on deep dives into the more complicated and often divisive areas of golf courses and culture, with occasional discussion of interesting architecture in unexpected places.


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